Professional Financials Group - TAX PLANNER & ADVISOR

PFG’s CPA, one of Canada’s Best CPA has been providing controller-ship functions to client in the financial, medical, information technology, transportation, real estate sector based in Greater Toronto Area and surroundings with full control over internal and external financial reporting, timely regulatory reporting, effective budgeting, managing daily accounting operations and much more in an environment that is service focused. In addition to financial reports, he is skilled at providing pro financial opinions on various perspective.

We compile or review money statements, prepare company tax and GST returns, do clerking and provide business recommendations to privately owned businesses and home-based businesses.



Few controller ship functions that Rajiv Arora is specialized in:

  • Preparing annual, monthly and regulatory reports
  • Establishing internal controls over accounting procedures
  • Better Budgeting, perfect forecasting & inconsistency analysis
  • Proper Treasury plus cash monitoring and management
  • Planning and implementing reports that meet the standard of stakeholders
  • Prepares tax filing – HST,QST,EHT,WSIB, Payroll, Corporation Tax
  • Supervising accounting department
  • Assisting management in interpretation of managerial accounting information